Cedars exists because there is still work to do.

There are so many stories left to tell. There are many injustices that need to be spoken. There are  truths and depths to be uncovered, lost joys to be unearthed, relationships to be mended.

there is still so much beauty.

Out of grounds that were unfamiliar, the cedar trees of King Solomon's temple, brought from foreign lands, adapted, grew, and thrived in new and unfamiliar places, rising up from soils they did not know.

And so we adapt, and we create in whatever environments we are found.

We grow. We become. we question.

Everything changes - it might be over soon - and we are still part of a story that's being written every moment, with every breath.


Upcoming datEs


You can see Cedars lead worship every Sunday at Gruene United Methodist Church in New Braunfels, TX.

March 11th @GUMC New Braunfels THIN PLACES a night of worship @7pm

APRIL 15th @Sam's Burger Joint San Antonio (before the Gungor show!) @5:30PM

May 5th-7th @Canyon of the Eagles conference center

JUNE 11th Lifted Up Faith & Family Day @SChlitterbahn New Braunfels time TBA

June 12th @The Float Inn (acoustic music & prayer) 7pm

July 10th-14th @Mt. Wesley Conference center

July 29th @The Float Inn - citywide night of worship 6pm

News & Updates

2.1.17 it's 2:37am. the coffee wore off hours ago but the excitement is still hanging around. BEARING SWORDS - our newest EP is up on the site and you can listen here: BEARING SWORDS - MUSIC

g'nite world. tomorrow is new!


1.26.17 new year. new start. new EP. we have a 3-song album with BRAND NEW music out! BEARING SWORDS will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and all the other usual suspects as well as in the web store soon.


9.15.15 holy moly. we're working on a new full-length album and couldn't be more excited. can't wait to start sharing it with y'all.


6.13.15 our new EP - BORN - will be available next week!  so excited.



The new EP BORN is out now!! you can listen to it here on the website in the Music section, or if you want to be really cool check us out on iTunes and supports us by purchasing the EP and rating us!